Stress testStress Questionnaire

How stressed are you?

This questionnaire may be used by NUT school representatives or safety representatives who are assisting NUT members who are experiencing stress or who wish to survey members in their school to ascertain the extent of workplace stress being suffered. It may also be helpful for individual members who want to clarify in their own mind the extent to which they are suffering from stress-related symptoms

The higher the total score accrued by the subject of the questionnaire, the greater the degress of stress he or she is likely to be experiencing. It is important to seek NUT advice where evidence of stress emerges. The earlier it is tackled, the easier it is to put right.

This is not an exhaustive list. NUT members may want to record other examples as well as answering the printed questions.

This is a quiz but all answers are correct!

A score of up to 30 is low evidence of stress
A score of up to 60 is moderate evidence of stress
A score of over 60 is high evidence of stress.

If SMT are aware that a number of members of staff are experiencing stress (they do not need to be given names) then they have a legal "duty of care" to set about reducing it.

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  1. Do you feel able to concentrate on what you are doing?
    1.   Absolutely
    2.   Mostly
    3.   Sometimes
    4.   not much
    5.   not at all