Health & Safety

Health and Safety in schools is becoming a bigger problem for members, and although there are many H&S issues in the workplace, two of the main areas for concern are the continued threat from asbestos in schools, and the dramatic increase in stress related illnesses.

Regular briefings and up to date information are published by the NUT to assist reps and ordinary members:

Health and Safety A-Z

Health and Safety Reps

Health and Safety Bulletins


NUT advice on teacher stress can be found here, as can information for school management teams to undertake a stress risk assessment. More detailed advice on work related stress and the law can be found here. Below is a link for a stress questionnaire, which can be used as a rough guide for individual members. A score of up to 30 is low evidence of stress, up to 60 is moderate evidence of stress, and a score of over 60 is high evidence of stress.

Teacher Stress Questionnaire


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