New teachers

Teaching is a great job. It is one which is both a challenge and a joy. Every teacher awarded qualified teacher status (QTS), is required to complete an induction period of, usually, one year. The NUT believes that induction must be a supportive process which helps new teachers to begin to develop further their professional confidence and competence. This page provides you with all the information and resources you will need as a newly qualified teacher.

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School Direct

Training to teach via School Direct? Our guide contains lots of useful information, some frequently asked questions and much more.

NQT guide: Education and equality

The NUT is a respected and influential voice on a range of education and equality policy issues and research areas in England and Wales. This guide gives you the opportunity to read about what NUT members have achieved and want to achieve, together.

NQT guide: Induction

The NUT’s guide to induction will answer your questions about your induction period, and is available in English and Welsh. We hope you find it useful.

Induction checklist: Good practice for NQTs

The NUT’s induction checklist is available in English and Welsh.

NQT guide: Workload

This guide answers your questions about directed time and sets out NUT policy on issues affecting workload such as planning, meetings, classroom observation and class size.

NQT guide: Pay, Pensions & Conditions

This guide provides all the information you need on teachers’ pay, pensions and conditions of service..

NUT Notes: Pay, Conditions of Service and You

The NUT Notes give guidance on school teachers’ pay and conditions of service, including the position of newly qualified teachers (NQTs) in their first year of service.

NUT Notes: Education, the Law and You

Teachers work within a legal framework which gives rights to and places duties on those within the education service.

These NUT Notes provide essential information on the legal framework for student teachers beginning their careers.

Read Education, the Law and You in English or in Welsh.


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