Steve Sinnott Foundation


The Steve Sinnott Foundation is transforming lives through its education projects in countries like Sierra Leone, Nepal, Haiti and the UK. For example, they’re currently working with EducAid in Sierra Leone to maintain quality education for children despite the awful barriers created by the Ebola epidemic. They are also supporting the rebuilding of schools in Nepal to get children back in to school as quickly as possible, There are a number of ways you can support the Foundation’s work; sign your school up for Education for All Day, visit the SSF Community to share your ideas, or become a Friend of The Steve Sinnott Foundation by signing up to become part of our community to increase Awareness about Education for All for just £3 a month. You can become a Friend right now online.

Please promote the Steve Sinnott Foundation’s Nepal appeal and get as many children as we can back into school as quickly as possible, by making a donation at


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