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Steve Sinnott Foundation


The Steve Sinnott Foundation is transforming lives through its education projects in countries like Sierra Leone, Nepal, Haiti and the UK. For example, they’re currently working with EducAid in Sierra Leone to maintain quality education for children despite the awful barriers created by the Ebola epidemic. They are also supporting the rebuilding of schools in Nepal to get children back in to school as quickly as possible, There are a number of ways you can support the Foundation’s work; sign your school up for Education for All Day, visit the SSF Community to share your ideas, or become a Friend of The Steve Sinnott Foundation by signing up to become part of our community to increase Awareness about Education for All for just £3 a month. You can become a Friend right now online.

Please promote the Steve Sinnott Foundation’s Nepal appeal and get as many children as we can back into school as quickly as possible, by making a donation at


Manchester International Workers Memorial Day 2015


Plans are underway for Manchester International Workers’ Memorial Day, on 28 April 2015. The theme from the ITUC this year is exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace, and the NUT are leading the way in emphasising the dangers of asbestos in our schools and colleges. Our Edufacts sheet on Asbestos can be found here.

Sadly, the number of deaths due to Asbestos in schools is rising. You can email your MP here to help put pressure on the DfE, which  is delaying publication of the findings of its review of asbestos policy in schools, a report that could set an agenda for change.

The Hazards Campaign is a Manchester based website, which highlights safety at work, and provides details about last year’s Memorial Day. More information about this year’s event, which commemorates workers killed in their place of work, as well as highlighting workplace dangers, will be made available soon.


Education International petition for Peshawar


The General Secretary of Education International, Fred van Leeuwen, has asked for anybody who was appalled by the tragedy in Peshawar’s Army Public School to sign the petition which will be presented to the Pakistan authorities by the UN Envoy for Global Education, Gordon Brown, in the coming weeks:

“…. one of our member organizations in Pakistan, the Pakistan Teachers’ Organisations Council (PTOC) has reported to us that the slain teachers made every possible effort to save as many lives as possible. Students have witnessed some extraordinary acts of courage shown by a number of our colleagues. Two of them who tried to prevent the terrorists from entering their class rooms, were doused in petrol and set ablaze. The massacre in Peshawar is not the first attack on children and teachers by terrorists. In Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria, groups of religious extremists have declared war on education, which they believe to be a sinful enterprise.

When earlier this year the Nigerian extremists from Boko Haram abducted 192 school girls in Chibok, Nigeria, Education International gave its full support to the Safe School Initiative, launched by the UN Global Envoy for Global Education, Gordon Brown. This initiative aims at assisting education authorities to create safe school environments, particularly in troubled areas. Unfortunately, governments and aid agencies have not yet made available the necessary financial resources.

We believe that the world community must be mobilized against heinous attacks on our schools. Governments around the world must take their responsibility and help prevent these crimes, which, obviously, are also seriously hampering efforts to achieve education for all children by the end of 2015.

This is to kindly but urgently request to you to call on your membership either through your regular publications or through the social media to sign a petition “

Tragedy in Peshawar


Manchester Teachers’ Association would like to extend our heartfelt condolences  to the teachers, pupils and parents of Peshawar, after the terrible tragedy of the attack on Peshawar’s Army Public School.

Christine Blower commented on behalf of the NUT:

“This cold blooded attack is appalling. Education is a fundamental right. Children and young people should be able to attend school in the knowledge that they will be safe. It is shocking that they should have been targeted in this utterly reprehensible way.”

The Steve Sinnott Foundation tweeted “Enough”. No more ! Never again ! Not anywhere ! Choose instead the liberating power of education

Many of today’s papers carry harrowing accounts of the attack.