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EGM Nomination Meeting 28/09/17

Notice of an extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) for all members of the Manchester NUT section of the National Education Union.

The meeting will take place from 5.00 pm – 5.30 pm on Thursday 28 September, at the NUT office (CWU Building), 302 a Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton, M21 8AY.

The purpose of the meeting is the nomination of candidates for the national NUT Vice Presidential election.

National Election Results




 Voting in the elections for Senior and Junior Vice-President and Treasurer for 2016-2018 closed at midday Wednesday, 18 November 2015.  The following have been elected.

Senior Vice-President      –        Louise Regan

Junior Vice-President      –         Kiri Tunks

Treasurer                        –        Ian Murch

 Examiners of Accounts     –       Judy Moorhouse and Alyson Palmer –   

elected unopposed


General Election 2015


There are an estimated 1000 teachers in every constituency in the country, so the educational vote can have a serious impact on the forthcoming General Election.

If members get the chance to meet any of the candidates in their constituency, it is vital that they ask them about their education policies. A handy reference guide is the NUT Education Manifesto which can be downloaded here.

The NUT has now commented on the three main parties’ manifesto education commitments: Liberal DemocratsConservatives, and Labour.

Sign Up your Workplace!

voter reg

The 2nd – 8th February is National Voter Registration Drive #NVRD.

Young people, disabled people, migrants and ethnic minorities are the most largely under-represented groups on the electoral register. That’s why the TUC and Trade unions are among a number of organisations taking part in the drive to add 250,000 new names to the register by encouraging people to sign up in the workplace. There are plenty of materials to use to make this happen. Whilst people have until 20th April to register vote, we want to kick start that this week. In the coming weeks we will be sending out reminders and make sure people are registered so that they have a say in their future. You can view those materials here. For now, use the ones below!

There is plenty of information and key facts about why we need people to register to vote which can be found on the TUC Going To Work website here

Please share this with friends, family, colleagues and fellow reps so we can make sure as many people are registered to vote.

To take part in the campaign, here’s some quick and simple things you can do to ‘Sign Up your Workplace’ !

  • Promote #NVRD by putting up a poster on your work notice board or in a communal area.
  • Give out the TUC’s flyers explaining the importance of voting and how to vote.
  • Use the TUC’s email template to email staff, containing all the information on why and how to register.
  • Print off registration forms and leave in a communal area of the office.
  • Tweet your activity using the hashtag #NVRD:  “Registering my workplace today for #NVRD with @[insert name of union]”

Alternative version of the posters and flyers are available here

For more information, download a copy of the TUC’s ‘Register Your Workplace’ packs

DGS Election


Don’t forget to vote in the Deputy General Secretary election!

MTA has endorsed Kevin Courtney as our preferred candidate. We think he has done an excellent job in helping to lead the union with Christine Blower, and deserves to be re-elected to continue the job.

Ballot papers were despatched directly to members’ home addresses on 5 January 2015. The closing date for return of ballot papers to the independent scrutineer, Electoral Reform Society is midday on Monday 26 January.

Any member not receiving a ballot paper can call the ballot hotline on 020 7380 4825 to request a duplicate. Please have your membership number to hand. The hotline is open from 12 to 22 January, 9am-5pm.

Kevin Courtney for Deputy General Secretary


Manchester Teachers’ Association has endorsed Kevin Courtney as our preferred candidate in the election for Deputy General Secretary. We believe Kevin, along with Christine Blower, has led the union from the front, and has produced a campaign capable of strongly influencing not just the Government, but parents and the general public. He is the right person to continue to take the campaign forward.

We urge all Manchester members to vote, and to vote for Kevin.

More details of Kevin’s campaign can be found below

You can also follow Kevin at @cyclingkev

Ballot papers will be despatched to members eligible to vote (i.e., all those except students who are in membership on the date the ballot opens) on Monday, 5 January 2015 by the independent scrutineer.  Ballot papers will be accompanied by candidates’ election statements, biographical details and photographs.

Members who do not receive a ballot paper by Monday, 12 January 2015 should be advised to contact the election ballot hotline on 020 7380 4825.  They will need their membership number to hand.  The hotline will remain open until midday on Thursday, 22 January 2015.

Where all candidates agree to the arrangement, candidates’ additional election statements will appear in the January edition of The Teacher magazine and on the website at:

The closing date for receipt of completed ballot papers at the offices of ERS is midday on Monday, 26 January 2015.